Growing up in North Carolina, especially the Piedmont, children learn the sports creed and repeat it like devout Muslims: There is no sport but basketball, and the ACC is its conference.  Generally, each child picks up the affiliation of his or her parents, identifying with Duke, Carolina, NC State, or Wake Forest until he or she leaves this earth.  As a child, I rejected my family’s favorite, the light blue of the Tarheels, for the darker blue of Duke, but, for several years now, I see the light in a better blue, a non-ACC blue in the University of North Carolina Asheville Bulldogs.

Since I first attended in 2007, UNC-Asheville has risen in national attention.  The 2008 Big South Championship appearance, back to back March Madness births in 2011 and 2012 (the game where I swear to you we beat Syracuse), and the 2016 tournament appearance where we lost to the eventual national champ, the Villanova Wildcats, seemingly build up the university’s image as quick as its academic reputation.

So throw all these details together and here I am.  I hope to provide a blog about UNC-Asheville Men’s and Women’s basketball in way that relates directly to fellow fans.  What I cannot promise is traveling with the team, in-depth interviews, or highfalutin statistical analysis; though I do promise more about experience than news write-ups and more fun than box scores.

I hope you enjoy and…


Sam Riddle ’11