New in Blue: Jonathan Bähre

From the land of beer, brats, and Dirk Nowitzki, Jonathan Baehre (spelled with an “e” so I don’t have to constantly find how to type an umlaut) joins the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs via a short stop in Georgia (USA, not Eurasia).  With an unfortunate hand injury, Baehre played a short season for Wilkinson County, a storied 1A Public Division school in Central Georgia. On just eight games, he averaged 9.3 points per game and not much else.

As a 6’9″ power forward, his frame reminds me of Jaleel Roberts before he added muscle: long, but lacking strength.  Every attribute after that comes with a similar pro and con.  For example, the reel below highlights his confidence bringing the ball up the court, but his handling ability doesn’t appear to match his confidence.

The championship game for 1A Public shows a better perspective of what I mean.  In the 2nd Quarter, Baehre made a tremendous block that gave the team a fast break and began an eight-point run.  Other times, he flailed for blocks rather than use his body, which allowed the opposing player to score.

Finally, Baehre received attention from a wide range of schools, including Georgia, Florida State, Alcorn State, and, of course, UNC-Asheville.  However, only UNCA and Alcorn State offered.  I assume his injury/not playing many games was the biggest reason these schools didn’t offer.  However, the reason certainly could’ve been that Jonathan Baehre is as raw as a fresh delivery to the butcher shop.

Bähre (look, an umlaut!) needs developing.  I hope, more than anything, that development comes in the form of shooting.  His judgment and body will mature given time and coaching, but a slim power forward with a shot, à la Thaddeus Young or, even his own nation’s favorite, Dirk Nowitzki, can be a powerful tool for any team.