New in Blue: Drew Rackley

For newcomer Drew Rackley, the top of the Big South is better than the bottom of the SoCon. With an early commitment, Rackley looked forward to the fast paced offense of the VMI Keydets, but, given a little more time, he changed his commitment to UNC-Asheville.

During my research, I found enough honors, adjectives, and videos to fill a trophy case, so I’ll try and compress the message down for you.

Drew Rackley played for John Glenn High School in Ohio whose relatively short team dominated Division II for two years.  The John Glenn Muskies won by staunch defense, princeton-passing, and the offense of Drew Rackley.  Rackley appears to have played at each position at one point or another during the year, though he will certainly be a point guard for UNCA. From the videos I watched, Rackley played the wing and post on defense, combo guard on offense, and gives 100% the entire time. He was a player of the year for his district and first-team All-USA for Ohio, joining players now at Michigan, NC State, Cincinnati, and Harvard.

For some quick highlights, you can watch his reel or the highlights from last year’s D-2 Championship against Saint Vincent-Saint Mary (Fun Fact: that’s Lebron James’s high school).  The video also features Drew Rackley’s favorite move: the pass fake.

For the longer route, you can find plenty of John Glenn games on Youtube, including the game below, a first round match from last year’s D-2 Championship bracket.  You can see his versatility and catch his favorite move again, as it’s one of the first times he touched the ball. More importantly, if you watch during the third quarter, you’ll see the silliest sign I’ve ever seen: “The Leprechaun says ‘That’s O’Foul.'”

After all this research, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this point guard on the court for the Bulldogs.