New in Blue: Donovan Gilmore

Originally ranked 30th in the state of North Carolina going into the College of Charleston, but played well enough in his Freshman year to convince the same writers he’s top 20, forward Donovan Gilmore is a puzzle.

In his freshman season, he averaged 5.1 points and 4.2 rebounds on 15.9 minutes (on full game minutes, that’s a double-double), but followed that up with a sophomore season of 1.4 points and 1.7 rebounds on 7.3 minutes. Gilmore started 21 games his freshman year, but 6 games his sophomore year.

Was it a sophomore slump?  An injury?  A change in gameplan?

I wish I knew definitively, but I can only venture an educated guess as to why he’s now at UNC-Asheville:

The College of Charleston found Jarrell Brantley.

In Brantley’s freshman year (Gilmore’s sophomore season), Jarrell averaged 11.7 points and 7.3 rebounds on 28.4 minutes per game.  His team high 226 rebounds, 50 more rebounds than the next closest teammate, were good enough for Top 10 in the CAA.

Again, while this is only my hypothesis, it seems, like the Old West, a new sheriff rode into town and Gilmore left in search of his own claim.

Regardless, UNC-Asheville will have to wait a year for Donovan Gilmore to get on the court, per NCAA regulations.  That’s a year of training, bonding, and a grand opportunity to prove his basketball worth.

Two things are certain: Gilmore jumps – and Gilmore dunks, a team high 18 dunks in his freshman season.  As his former Coach Earl Grant said, “Donovan is a highly-gifted athlete. He is a great rebounder and good shot blocker.”

When playing time comes around, Gilmore should be reinvigorated and ready to contribute.