New in Blue: MaCio Teague

“Caught in a trap,  I can’t walk out because I love you too much baby.”

Inordinate interest, ample offers, and a plethora of talent.  These describe the situation UNC-Asheville finds in MaCio Teague, a 6’3 guard from Ohio. (Check out the last link for a subtle hint for the direction I’m headed here.)

While his highlights showcase great shot technique, I could not find full game footage. However, Teague played at Montverde Academy, a serious prep program where top-tier recruits learn before beginning their collegiate adventures, commonly at Power-5 schools. That fact alone explains the excitement around Teague.

The quote at the top comes from Mark James’s “Suspicious Minds” famously sung by Elvis.  I included that quote because Bulldog fans have felt suspicious before vis-à-vis Dwayne Sutton and Dylan Smith.  Sure, others have left the program, but these two left after only one year – last year.  With offers from solid mid-majors and interest from more recognized programs, I can only see us repeating last season.

Of course, repeating last season also means a conference championship and a tournament appearance.  Therefore, we are indeed “caught in a trap,” but love it too much – baby.

If that happens, I’m incredibly grateful that a player as good as MaCio Teague considers Asheville his stepping stone program.  But I hope I’m wrong and we see multiple seasons of Teague.

I will probably always be bothered by players using mid-majors to lift themselves into bigger programs, but blaming the player for increasing his prospects isn’t right either.  I do hope to examine this issue in a future post, but for now, suffice it to say, MaCio Teague will deliver for the bulldogs.