Schedule Your Schedules

The schedules have officially been released, so I’m taking a moment to give you the links (headers) and a brief synopsis of the action we’re all looking forward to.

Men’s Basketball

I love the big four matchups UNC-Asheville faces: Kansas, Ohio State, VCU, and Georgia.  Opening the season with VCU and Georgia should be intriguing tests. Also, the schedulers managed to continue the Coastal Carolina rivalry, even though the Chanticleers belong to the Sunbelt Conference now.  The conference schedules starts on December 29th with Radford at Radford and finishes at home against Liberty.  The Big South Men’s Basketball Tournament is going back to home-site/earned seed format, which gives the No.1 seed in the Big South a serious advantage.

Women’s Basketball

The Bulldogs start the season facing Virginia Tech, but the real highlight to this season will be at the New Year’s tournament in the Bronx where they begin play against Harvard.  The conference schedule starts and ends with games at home against Campbell on January 3rd and the Runnin’ Bulldogs on March 4th.  The Big South Tournament will be held at Liberty University March 9-12.